Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Guizhou Minzu University & Study in gzmu

Application Procedures

International applicants for GMU may directly contact the Department of Exchange and Cooperation of GMU. Language students can apply at any time, and the other kinds of students should apply before the new semester begins (in March or September each year). If you need help for a visa, please apply two months in advance. 

The procedures are as following

1.Applicant may contact the Department of Exchange and Cooperation of GMU directly or download the Application Form from the website of GMU:

2.Submit the following documents to the Department of Exchange and Cooperation of GMU one month before the registration date:

a.Application Form & Financial Affidavit Form 
b.Copies of the highest certificate of schooling and academic record (original or notarized copy in English or Chinese) 
c.Copy of Health certificate 
d.A photocopy of passport 
e.Six passport photos
f.Application fee: RMB 500 

3.The admitted applicant will receive a letter of Admission Notice and a form of JW202 (Visa Applicant Form for Foreigners) from GMU.

4.The admitted applicant should go to the Embassy or Consulate of People’s Republic of China in his country to apply for an X-visa (Studying visa)with his passport, the letter of Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form for Foreigners (JW202).

5.The applications who are already in China can apply and submit the documents required for application to our office directly. For those who fail to obtain an X-visa in time but already been admitted by GMU, they are advised to apply for L-visa (Tourist visa) for a period of more than one month. The university can help students change it to a Residence Permit after registration. 

6.The admitted applicant is strongly advised to come to register in the Department of Exchange and Cooperation of GMU at the due time and to pay register fee and tuition fee with his letter of Admission Notice, the visa and the form of JW202. Those who have to delay their registration must ask for permission from GMU in advance.
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